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wear their skull ON YOUR BUTT


Posted on Jul 20— 2 days ago
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kill them

great idea tbh

ill wear their skull while im at it

Posted on Jul 20— 2 days ago

i wanted to change azheim to azbutt/azzbutt but theyre hoarded for some reason

weeps :’c

Posted on Jul 20— 2 days ago
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precious flower monster


Posted on Jul 17— 5 days ago
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garurumon? garurumon.

Posted on Jul 15— 1 week ago
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Anonymous ;  
What kind of drawing program do you use? I love the style!

aww gosh anon! /)w(\

i work almost exclusively with paint tool sai! there will be the rare occasion where i decide i want to sketch in cs6 instead, or even lineart or colour there, but 95% of the time im using sai: sketching, linearting, colouring, shading, all that good stuff. i will do any editting in photoshop, tho

Posted on Jul 11— 1 week ago
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uhm im trying to improve i swear??

one day ill learn to make the resolution smaller before i use the binary tool

Posted on Jul 09— 1 week ago
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to the person who sent me a fan-mail asking if i could draw them a fursona if they sent me a pic - sorry, but no. im flattered you really like my art, and i appreciate that, but please dont think that it makes you entitled to something for free. sorry!

doing some busts of my dragons. ryuko first

Posted on Jul 06— 2 weeks ago
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